Going Green

Going “Green”

There is an increasing awareness in our world today to protect our environment by using “Green” products and services.  We, as a pest control company, are conscious of how we operate our business and service our customers with this awareness in mind.

At Tri-County Pest Control, we have already been using, for a number of years, Integrated Pest Management, or IPM as it is referred to in our business.  IPM is a process involving common sense and sound solutions for treating and controlling pests, which incorporates three steps – inspection, identification and treatment. Treatment options vary from sealing cracks and removing food and water sources to pesticide treatments when necessary. By assessing each customer’s situation before prescribing a treatment plan, and providing preventative or corrective actions, and mechanical or physical elimination, we have been able to reduce the reliance of pesticides as being the only solution.

When these steps are unsuccessful and we find that it is necessary to use pesticides, we apply the product as its label requires which minimizes the risk to human health and environment.  These products are EPA registered and used by our licensed and trained technicians.

We also are taking other environmentally friendly steps, such as:

  • More efficient setup of routes that incorporate scheduling needs
  • Routine maintenance of vehicles
  • Proper recycling of containers
  • Evaluating and incorporating products that prove to be viable
  • On-line payment system that reduces dependence on paper, postage and energy

We will continue our efforts to improve the operation of our business by constantly evaluating the ways that we can become more “Green”.